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"I Love that little paper!"



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Hello Patty!
 I am very impressed with the arrangement of my Ad;  Excellent work!!  
 Thank you so much.


Thank you and just wanted to mention I had my first confirmed customer referred through Tidbits today, you have paid for yourselves already :)
Have a nice day.

First off let me say..".I LOVE THAT LITTLE PAPER" I look so forward to picking up my issue each publication. It has been my custom to pick up "Tidbits" at Vernon's Schubert Centre....however....I have not seen it there since Christmas......Bottom line.....PLEASE be sure to deliver a good number of copies to Schubert Centre each week. It is, without a doubt the most informative, comprehensive, entertaining and "fun to do" publication available not only for we 'seniors' but for every age group! Thank you in advance....I look forward to seeing and picking up the next issue at Schubert Centre.

Donna Holmes


​THANKS Vernon Tidbits.  Your paper provides customers with the knowledge and options to make good choices in their lives.

Abakhan & Associates Inc…   …can always rely on your “Neatest Little Paper Ever Read”
to be widely available for everyone in the Vernon area who is looking for that perfect product or professional. Well done!!

Sandra Sheridan
Director of Operations, H.R. Manager

Tidbits has been an excellent place for us to advertise. Mike and Patty are extremely easy to work with and go above and beyond to deliver excellent service. I see Tidbits papers everywhere I go around town, especially in places where our target market would have access to them. I have heard “I saw you in Tidbits” many times so I know it is an effective way to get our business noticed. A great place to advertise, thank you Mike and Patty!

Jamie Voykin
Marketing Coordinator
Coldstream Meadows Retirement Community

We look forward to Thursday, knowing Patty will drop off the newest edition of Tidbits
WOW what a great little paper - full of really interesting & funny articles and puzzles.
Our customers sit in the seating area and grab the tidbits right away to read.
GREAT job to Patty and Mike

Jack & Wendy
Thunder Alley Hawg Pen

Patty & Mike with Tidbits are wonderful to work with. Patty has a talent for putting together eye catching graphics that hold our brand 'feel.' I really enjoy working with you during the asparagus season. You're on the ball!

Corinne Jeppesen
Armstrong Asparagus Farm

Hi! This is Vicki from deans' Tailor Shop in Vernon. We love Tidbits news because they help you find us! The ads are crisp, colorful, fun and effective! I always get responses from the ads I place and like knowing that the circulation is so large! It refreshes every week and can be found almost everywhere! FREE! Mike & Patty do a great job taking care of customers' needs as well as producing (I think) the best little paper in the area!

Vicki Eide
Deans’ Tailor Shop

JNS has nothing but great things to say about Patty & Mike at Tidbits Vernon. We love how they invited us to be in their LOCAL News Paper and how easy it is to communicate our ideas to them and collaborate with them on upcoming ads. Any ad edits or changes you need, they've got it covered. They are all about customer service and your satisfaction with how your business is presented. We have gotten more business from this great local news paper ad then any other paper advertising we have tried in the past. Nothing but Love. Thank you for the great exposure you have gotten JNS! TIDBITS VERNON ROCKS! 

Tidbits is your local paper! Supports local business and very accommodating A++ Great to deal with.

Wayne Tuckerma
Tucker’s Restaurant

Mike and Patty have exceptional one on one customer service, exploring individual marketing needs and providing great artwork and ad copy. Tidbits is a very effective use of my marketing dollars.

Ryan Pat
Monashee Wellness Centre

“Mike and Patty at Tidbits have gone above and beyond in meeting our advertising needs.  We will continue to support them as they have always provided us with fast, friendly service and fantastic value.”

Lee Brinkman

Patty and Mike with Tidbits are great people. They are professional and very well connected with our community.

ave spread the word about our business and let us know about others. Advertising with them has been a positive move for us.

Thank you for the great job you both are doing.
Heidi Hason
Omars Collectables
October 6, 2015

We love that little paper and the great people who bring it to us weekly!  Parnell’s Appliance & Electronics and Community Appliance have been cover page advertisers with Tidbits for 2 years and we really appreciate the energy & excitement that Patti & Mike have for promoting local businesses and events.  Thank you for providing an excellent advertising option, at affordable rates, and keeping our businesses ‘top of mind’ with customers on a weekly basis in the communities of the North Okanagan.

Susan Hamilton
Parnell’s Appliance and Electronics


"I called at Thanksgiving to tell you how much I enjoy your Tidbits magazine and give you thanks for it.

Our entire family reads Tidbits and I always do my best to shop 
with all your advertisers.

It’s a lovely paper and we look forward to it every week.

Thank you again." Random phone call, Oct. 2, 2014
________________________________________________________________________ “I LOVE that little paper!”  

Municipal office worker, Vernon

_________________________________________________________________________ "Mike & Patty, Copies of TidBits were in my mailbox when I got back yesterday and I agree 
the ads look great.  I appreciate the bonus on the front page on Sept 19th very much. It was also great that Mike could drop in and say hello in Armstrong. Next time through I'll be in touch Cheers! Barry"


"Hello Mike and Patty,

We would definitely like to renew our ad.

I will be at the Home Show as well so I will see you there!

And thank you very much for stocking our brochure supply at the hospital, I greatly appreciate it!

Take care,



How is your ad doing and do you wish to continue your ad in Tidbits Vernon?

 "We have had people actually bring the ad in. We will continue for the next... Thanks Wayne"
Westwood Fine Cabinetry - Cash & Carry
_________________________________________________________________________ "Several months ago I criticized your paper for not having enough Canadian content. I had noticed that many of your stories always quoted American sources and never Canadian. Your response was prompt and thanked me for the input. Since that time I have noticed that your paper is doing an excellent balancing job with Canadian content. Especially the piece entitled, "Canadian Tidbits."  In addition you have
featured a bio on famous Canadians. Criticism is one thing but people rarely give praise. So this email is letting you know I have appreciated your effort and your Canadian coverage is excellent.  Thank you." Bill Farley _________________________________________________________________________ “That’s the best paper I ever read!… Ever!”


"Just had to let you know that we had a call on Thursday from a customer who saw our Community ad in Tidbits:)  
Thanks for all you do!" Susan Hamilton
Parnell’s Appliance and Electronics

"Hi Mike,

The new proof is great.

Thanks again for offering such great value in an era of overpriced options.

Enjoy your day.


Doug Cuthbert"


"Hey Patty .....I already got a job from the tidbit paper....they texted me. Yaaaaaaayyyy!! They said they saw it in tidbits!!!"

JOYce, Armstrong

Joyce's Signs & Auto-graphics

A few months later:

"Hi Mike, thanks for the email.  that is super good coverage and I’ve had lots of people say they saw me in tidbits. 

Thanks so much for the good word and all the advertising in your paper!!



And September 2014:

"Hey you guys! I have so many people tell me they saw my ad in TIDBITS... it’s insane!! and yes it has generated business for sure!! A couple of Alberta Tourists saw the ad this summer and I did some big jobs for them.  They said they saw my ad in Tidbits.  Really, it has been one of the best advertising avenues I’ve tried since I started my business 5 years ago. Thanks JOYce"

Joyce's Signs & Auto-graphics


My husband and I have become addicted to Tidbits..."


"Hi Patty and Mike.

How are you? The ad brought some new business to the store.

Thank you."

Fanny, Vernon

"Mike & Patty

Great idea.  Let's run it through to the 15th of Nov"

Ron, Happy Days Food Market, Vernon

"thanks for the hot peppers...made a wicked ssssgetti sauce...YUM...ad looks great!..picked up latest newspaper...all the best...liz"

"Hi Patty
just saw this and Sandi and I really like #1
Thank you so much it looks Awesome!!!!"


"Our ads got IMMEDIATE Response in the very FIRST issue of Tidbits. We were
very impressed and now include Tidbits as one of our main forms of Advertising.
Great little paper...thanks Brad"
Bjorn, Vernon

"After just my first ad in Tidbits I received several calls, including 3 grooming jobs
and a 6 WEEK Boarding job. Very Impressive! We will be using Tidbits on a regular
basis now."
 Joy - K9 Care & Grooming, Vernon

“Thanks for a great set-up on our Ad for our window cleaning business. After only
two ads in the Vernon Tidbits we have already received several calls and a couple of
new clients. Advertising in Tidbits is a great deal”
Randy & Liana, Randy’s Cleaning Service, Vernon

“I like the puzzles the most. I do every one I can each week” Ron, Vernon

“What I most like about Tidbits is....the entire little paper.....I so very much love this
Tidbits paper. I enjoy reading everything from the front page to the end of the last
page. I look forward to each and every paper. I say thank you very much for publishing
the Tidbits paper for all of us to read. It is the very best!” Lori, Vernon

“What I like best about Tidbits is the interesting short quips one can read while
waiting at the doctors or before I get my hair cut” Mary, Vernon

“ I really enjoy the paper. Its colourful, fun, positive and very informative. I pick
one up every week at Tim Horton's and bring it home for the whole family
to read” Marcel, Vernon


"Hi Mike, Just wanted to let you know that the ad looks great in the paper. Thank you so much for your help in this project. I will let you know how our traffic improves on our web site. Again, Thanks, Mike"


"Boy you are getting good, apparently I need to read all my emails before I respond.  Yes this looks good. My excuse is that it's my day off and I don't have to think LOL. Julie" 
Discovery Shoes
_________________________________________________________________________ "Hi there Mike and Patty, Like your idea and the ads look great. Let’s go ahead. Thank you for going the extra and being proactive. Mike (Healing Haunted Houses) 


"Hi Patty! The ad looks great! Having you next to my booth made "putting in time" so much more enjoyable! I love the blue daisies! All the best, Elizabeth [Borsht and wraps for yoga dinner tonight...ha ha ha!]"
"Thank you, Mike I appreciate your consideration for my ads..." Regards. Leon K